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Stavros Mavroudeas


This is the personal webpage of Stavros Mavroudeas.

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Short Bio

Stavros Mavroudeas studied at the Economics Department of the University of Athens (BA Economics 1985), SOAS-University of London (Msc Economics 1986), Birkbeck College - University of London (PhD Economics 1990). He is currently working as Professor in Political Economy at the Economics Department of the University of Macedonia. He has published in many academic journal including Science & Society, Review of Radical Political Economics, Review of Political Economy, Economie Appliquee, International Critical Thought etc. His publications include ‘The Limits of Regulation – A Critical Analysis of Capitalist Development’, ‘Greek Capitalism in Crisis – Marxist Analyses’, ‘Development and Crisis – The turbulent course of Greek Capitalism’, ‘Convergence or divergence: the case of Greece’, ‘Forms of existence of abstract labour and value-form’, ‘Regulation Theory: The Road from Creative Marxism to Post-Modern Disintegration’, ‘Periodising Capitalism: Problems and Method - The case of the Regulation Approach’, ‘Overworked Greeks? Working time trends in Greece’, Work more or work harder? The length and the intensity of work in Marx’s ‘Capital’, ‘Duration, Intensity and Productivity of Labour and the Distinction between Absolute and Relative Surplus-Value’,‘A History of Contemporary Political Economy and Post-Modernism’, ‘Grossmann, Kalecki and the theory of crisis: A comment on Trigg’, ‘Henryk Grossmann’s Falling Rate of Profit theory of crisis: a presentation and a reply to old and new critics’ etc.


Research interests

Stavros Mavroudeas’ main research interests include Political Economy, History of Economic Thought, Labour Economics, Economic Growth and Development Economics, Greek Economy.



§     Introduction to Political Economy (compulsory undergraduate course)

§     Economic Problems of Contemporary Capitalism(elective undergraduate course)



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