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External research grants and scholarships:

  • Hardware Grant donation from NVIDIA Corporation of (1) GeForce GTX 980 GPU, for the support of my research (2014).
  • "Development and Implementation of Exterior Point Simplex Type Algorithms for Network Optimization Problems". Research Scholarship for my Ph.D. Thesis, supported by the Operational Programme "Education and Primary Vocational Training" (EPEAEK II), of the Third Community Support Framework and particularly the programme "HRAKLEITOS", (2002 - 2006).

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Research interests:
  • Mathematical Programming, Network Optimization, Heuristics, Optimization Software


ACM - Association for Computing Machinery
HELORS - Hellenic Operational Research Society
ENOG - European Network Optimization Group, (EURO working group)
EWG EU/ME - EURO Working Group on Metaheuristics