Current Group Members

Ph.D. Students

1. Glavelis Themistoklis, "Hybrid simplex type algorithms"
2. Madamas Akis, "Solving large-scale optimization problems using Apache Hadoop"
3. Petraki Dorothea, "Algorithmic procedures in applied matrix theory"
4. Voulgaropoulou Sophia, "Smoothed complexity analysis of simplex type algorithms"

M.Sc. Students

1. Kapageridis Aris
2. Lamproglou Katerina
3. Merkouri Ioanna
4. Mortopoulos Stergios
5. Tserpisnos George
6. Tsolakis Konstantinos

Past Group Members

Ph.D. Degrees

1. Michalopoulos, E. (2016). ""Risk based decision making for the management of European operational programs". Current Position: Former staff of Western Macedonia Region.
2. Ploskas, N. (2014). "Hybrid optimization algorithms – Implementation on GPU". Current Position: Post Doctoral Researcher, Department of Chemical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA. (Nikolaos Ploskas was the winner of the 2014 HELORS (Hellenic Operational Research Society) Doctoral Dissertation Award.)
3. Triantafyllidis, Ch. (2013). "A non-monotonic infeasible interior-exterior point algorithm for linear programming", Current Position: Post Doctoral Researcher, Department of Chemical Engineering, UCL, UK.
4. Geranis, G. (2012). "A dual network exterior point simplex-type algorithm for the minimum cost network flow problem". Current Position: Informatics Professor.
5. Karagiannis, P. (2011). "Distributed constraint optimization, resource allocation and scheduling in large scale agent networks". Current Position: Project management, specializing in IT, for the Public and Private Sector.

M.Sc. Degrees

I have supervised 45 master theses at the Post Graduate Program of the Department of Applied Informatics.

B.Sc. Degrees

I have supervised 84 bachelor theses at the Department of Applied Informatics.