My news:

Concert at Thessaloniki Megaron, 01/1/2017, Puccini-Gala with TSSO (Thessaloniki State Orchestra), Thessaloniki Choir,Live broadcast by ET 3

Concert in Munich, Herkulessaal in Residenz, 10/03/2017 TSSO, Thessaloniki Choir,

Concert at Thessaloniki Megaron 10/04/2017 with TSSO, Thessaloniki Choir and European Choir of Insanbul. Symphony Nr. 2 "Auferstehung" of G.Mahler
Soloist: M.Kaune, Sopran
                 M.Bress,   Alt

Concert at  Megaron Thessaloniki, 25/05/2017 with TMET Symphony Orchestra and Choir (Orchestra and Choir of Musik Department)

Concert in Odeon of Herodes Attikus -Athens Festinal- with TSSO  17/06/2017
Soloist: B.Varvaresos

Concert at Megaron Athens with ASO (Athens State Orchestra), 30/11/2017
Soloist: A.Meneses (Cello)

Concert with Radio Symphony Orchestra of Athens ERT , 25/05/2018 in Athens, TV broadcast by ET 2

Concert at Thessaloniki Megaron, 04/06/2018, with TMET  Symphony Orchestra and Choir (Orchestra and Choir of Music Department)

Concert at Thessaloniki Megaron, 02/11/2018,  with TSSO (Thessaloniki State Orchestra).